The video you see below is from a few days ago, after I was given a free spins bonus on the Popinata slot machine in Grande Vegas Casino. I think I managed to win something like $15 and now had to play some more to make the bonus requirements to cash out. I decided to close the Popinata slot and open up the all new Bubble Bubble 2 slot machine.

The moment the video starts, It was in its second sequence of a free spins bonus. I had 18 free spins remaining, and the first 20 free spins gave me a win of about $100. You can see the $15,65 balance I won from the freespins on the Popinata slot too. Then, I set the machine on $3 per spin and at 7:40 in the video, you see what happens. I had in the meantime made ‘the bonus requirements’ and a big win came my way. At first, I did not realize, as I would have stopped the game there and then. So, I decided to see up until $1000 or so. Then I stopped. I checked and the amount was set as ‘withdrawable’. I actually won $1000!

Live Chat Congrats GrandeVegasNow that was a kick! I had to be sure and contacted support. They, all three of them, congratulated me with my winnings, and after their ‘thorough’ check all confirmed that indeed the win was legit. One of them even took a moment of her precious time to send me a ‘congratulations with your winnings’ image. Real fancy.

I felt as if I had won a big huge jackpot. That’s how cool. I called my dad, called my friends, and to those that did not believe, I showed them my cash out confirmation! I mean, haters gonna hate, I’ve got proof and three customer service agents that confirmed it. So, what could go wrong. Right? Let’s have a good look at my fantastic super win, shall we?


Super Big Win On Bubble Bubble 2 Slot Machine:

The super big win you see above was worth $375.41. Thanks to the wildx3 feature, I won $1126.23 that spin. At first, as you will see in the video below, I did not really notice it. Had I seen it, I would have stopped the game sooner. I decided that I would stop at around the $1,000 mark. What happens next you can read below the video.

Bubble Bubble 2 Slot Super Big Win Video:

Amazing, Right? However: I ended up being unable to cash out anything. Not one penny. Here is what happened:

Here is a good lesson to be learned for those of you who play at Grande Vegas Casino and make use of their bonuses. The lesson I’m talking about? The bonus requirements lesson. Always and always make sure you are aware of all of the bonus requirements, that you understand them, and that you should make sure to check out every possible detail prior to taking out a bonus. Because, if you manage to win using said bonus, but somehow did not make the requirements set, then you can kiss your winnings bye bye faster as that you won them. And, frankly nobody will tell you about it either.

grande vegas canceled payout

You have to find out about this disappointment yourself, the moment you check on your cash outs. When you log back in to the cashier, where your ‘pending withdrawal of $1000 used to be’ there now is NO cash out. The first thought that comes to mind is WOW, I’ve been paid! Already! This quick. This is awesome. Let me check Neteller. Only to find out that no payment was done, and instead of it being in the processed payments, you see it in the much dreaded canceled payments section. With a short note, that bonus requirements were not met. No contact from customer support nothing.

And, it was only a day before that no less than 3 customer service agents congratulated me with my $1000 win and that cash out was not an issue, it was a verified win, congratulations sir. I’ve checked my email address I used to sign up with them to see if there was any communication from them at all about this very unfortunate situation. Not a thing to be found. So, I contacted live support.

I explained her my situation and what had happened. I also told her I believed they should pay me out my winnings. She said, the casino is always happy to pay out winnings. But, I was told by the customer service agent that indeed I did not meet the bonus requirements. It so seemed to be that I had used two free consecutive bonuses without having made a deposit in between them. And that therefor they voided my $1000 winnings. I thought you were happy to pay out winnings I said? I guess voiding winnings makes them happier as compared to the happiness they would have felt paying me out what I won, and on top, without notifying me of them nuking my $1000 cash out.

I was GIVEN those bonuses. That is what matters here too though. If it is part of their bonus terms, then why do they bother giving a player two consecutive free bonuses? If they KNOW that should a player win, he or she can’t cash out whatever it is the win was. That is bad practice.

This is the particular section in their terms that states:

23. Customers cannot redeem multiple free bonuses/free spins offer consecutively: When a customer uses two or more free bonuses without making a real money deposit in between, management reserves the right to void any bonuses and winnings.

Well, there you go. They reserve the right, and are more than happy to, nuke your winnings should you use two free bonuses (with or without your knowledge really, if you did not real ALL the terms). They do not just reserve the right, no, they gladly just cancel your winnings. Where they are happy to pay out winnings as they say, they are happier canceling it.

From Now On I Play My Casino Games In Cherry Jackpot Casino:

So, I would like to note and suggest a few things.

First, after playing there for many years, I personally won’t ever play in Grande Vegas ever again. Plain and simple. If they would have taken at least some time to notify me of what had happened, then maybe. But they haven’t. They let me discover this huge disappointment on a nasty way.

To Grande Vegas I would like to suggest to stop handing out several free bonuses to your players if they did not make a deposit in between them. Prevention works better than curing. You KNOW they can’t cash out on such bonuses, so, do not give them out. It is not fair business.

If you have never played in Grande Vegas. To you I would like to suggest this: Good. Leave it as it is. Don’t ever bother signing up with them either. There are two much better alternatives I can give you in the blink of an eye.

For instance: Cherry Jackpot Casino and CasinoMax. Both casinos are USA and Australia friendly, offer more than 150 top casino games, huge welcome bonuses and are owned and managed by a team of industry veterans. Online casino gambling professionals known to put the player first for more than a decade.

CasinoMax offers new players a $9,000 slots welcome bonus as well as 200 free spins on top.

The real big smacker or a bonus comes from Cherry Jackpot Casino. They offer all their new players a 200% welcome bonus on top of their first 10 deposits. That means, Cherry Jackpot Casino offers a total welcome bonus of up to $20,000. It’s not just slots either. With the Cherry Jackpot Casino welcome bonus you can play all of their games, excluding Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo and War.

There is no maximum cash out on either of these welcome bonus codes!

What’s better in regards to this whole bummer of an experience of mine, of which I am trying to safeguard you from, is the fact that they (CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot) DO NOT have such shady terms and conditions, and that they do not lure their players in to making sure they can’t cash out any winnings. When you win, you get to cash out. As simple as that.

To anyone reading this I would like to suggest to always read and understand all of the casino’s terms. If you really want to play in Grande Vegas, be my guest. Go find them and enjoy. I have removed them from our site. I do not recommend them. If you do end up playing there then make sure to study their every letter on the terms and conditions pages. Find the terms page, read them. Especially the bonus terms section. Then, on the particular bonus page where your bonus might be, also read and understand the bonus requirements that come with it. I personally don’t recommend them after my own experience.

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