If you’re wondering how to go about finding the best online casinos then this article is going to give you all the information you need, as well as tips in finding the right one suited for you.

So whether you’re from the UK & Ireland, Europe, Australia, Canada or the USA, there are all kinds of tactics used to attract new players to their online casinos and many of them usually do as they promise. But there are a few who don’t and if you are hoping to become a casino whale, then you need to watch out for the sharks! You could be asking yourself ‘which online casino has the best welcome offers?’ or ‘which online casino has the highest jackpot?’. Or, you could be checking out to see what a new online casino has to offer you? These questions will be answered later on, but first of all you need to know how you’re going to choose the right one that will suit you, give you everything you’re looking for and especially one that’s not going to let you down later on.

So let’s talk about what it is you want from an online casino and take a look at what’s out there, in this now vast online casino world. I learned a lot while searching for the best online casino. It starts to become baffling with so many of them trying to lure you in, all claiming their the greatest online casino. Becoming a high roller was my biggest challenge and all I could think of was becoming a successful casino player.

Now I would like to pass on some good practical advice to all those of you who are looking to become players themselves. I can talk later about the best online casinos to go for and even name drop on one or two of them, that I know are true, honest, reliable and pay out well. Although it’s up to you at the end of the day, there’s still no harm in looking at them yourself and doing your own research on them first.

There are many online casinos who make you promises and if you don’t read the small print first, then you may find yourself in for a shock when it comes to collecting your winnings. To think you got these winnings fair and square and then be told you didn’t, is very annoying. You will have simply just wasted your precious time playing there, or you may as well have just played for fun instead.

Pay Attention With Casino Bonuses!

casino bonusesOne of the key things to watch out for is the free bonus no deposit, or free spins. These are very inviting and you are able to win big cash with these too. This is bound to excite even the calmest of people, only to be told they should have made a deposit in between the free bonuses. Your winnings will then become void and this is certainly not what you had imagined when you thought you’d won. There are fake online casinos and ones that are just unfair, which can turn your joy into disappointment in a ‘flick of a switch’. It’s always well worth reading and understanding all the full conditions before you play. A good choice would be to choose a relatively new casino, as they are usually pulling out all the stops to get a good name for themselves. There are ways of getting to know a certain online casino and that is to search out and read up on any reviews written about it. You can find out a lot about the casino beforehand, uncovering reviews that other players’ have noted, some good, some bad. Learning about other players’ experiences may just help you to find a really good online casino, that you can trust and stay with for the long-term.



Advantages Of Online Casinos:

There are many advantages playing at an online casino, instead of one on land, not just for the free bonuses and free spins you get either. Another advantage is you’re not being watched constantly as you play. Everyone is watching everyone else, plus the dealer is keeping an eye on you too.

There’s no enjoyment in having someone standing behind you, breathing down your neck the whole time. It can make you feel a little uncomfortable knowing that this person wants to sit in your place. So, if this isn’t your sort of thing, then you’ll avoid all this by feeling much more relaxed at home, while playing your favorite online casino.

It can be a real plus being able to play without any interference whatsoever and playing online means everyone gets to have a seat. Another advantage to playing casinos online is the convenience of having constant access to online gaming, when or wherever you like. You could be inconveniently stuck at home for whatever the reason, but you will still have your favorite casino on hand.

Enjoy Mobile Online Casino Games Anywhere You Go!

Having an online casino through your mobile phone or tablet will allow you to play anywhere, as long as you have internet that is, so it’s worth checking up on this too. Now, you just simply have to find a good all-round online casino. The good news is that unfair or fake online casinos don’t last long because word travels very quickly. If the casino in question does have a license, then it will be taken away and the casino will be gone.

In the past, some online casino rogues have rigged up games to make sure no one wins, so while checking out a particular casino, make certain they are using a Random Number Generator (RNG) before you join. The RNG alone will determine the outcome at random, without any human interaction whatsoever, so it cannot be predicted. Meaning, you will know when winning any amount of cash, that you will have won this purely out of chance.

Online Casino Customer Services:

casino customer servicesIn general, when the owner of an online casino applies for a license, he or she will have to prove their honesty and integrity before being able to qualify. Each applicant will also have to provide their personal details. These could also include past business they may have had, previous employment, their financial situation and any criminal records, if any. A good online casino will always display the name of the licensee on their website.

You could simply make an educated guess on whether the online casino is a good one by reading up on it, but satisfying yourself in knowing it has a good reputation is by far wiser. When you are confident that it is fully licensed by a reputable company and uses an RNG, you can then check out their customer services.

A good casino team is very important and they should be available all day and night. Just imagine the frustration at having no one to turn to at that crucial time! Make sure you can contact them easily, by mail, email, telephone or live chat. Having all these options available makes your time at the casino much more enjoyable.

The last thing you want is any automated hosts because you need someone you can talk to, at anytime of the day or night, who you can feel completely at ease with. Then, if you become a high roller yourself, having your very own casino host will be a big advantage to you. When contacting the casino’s staff, you should find them friendly, helpful and able to answer any casino queries, both knowledgeable and with efficiency.

Online Casino Banking: Deposits & Withdrawals.

Another important aspect is the banking side and how it works for their customers. Find out if there are any charges made for withdrawing and if depositing is made easy for you, including different ways to make deposits. You could read their terms and conditions and compare them with other online casinos, but I know doing this is time-consuming. Still, you wouldn’t want to go through downloading and registering with a casino, then find they have high withdrawal fees.

However, you may find their charges reasonable enough, so if you’re content with all other aspects of the online casino in particular, then you can save yourself a lot of time and bother. A good online casino will pay out without any fuss and always on time. A good example of this is Cherry Jackpot Casino, who put their players’ first. My experiences with them are exceptionally good. They’ve come a long way in a short space of time and already have an excellent reputation.

They have a massive welcome bonus, £/€/AUD/$20,000 to be exact and have already boasted a few big winners, including myself and I would seriously recommend them.

Online Casino Games Selection:

online casino-gamesMost online casinos offer an extensive games list, some more than others. Choosing an online casino that has over 100 games and still growing, means you’re not likely to grow tired of it or find it becoming boring. Choose a casino that has at least one newly developed game per month, then you’ll always have something to look forward to. Look for the best quality in their online games too. It goes without saying that their games should be of the highest quality with a good, sharp sound system, to get the best enjoyment out of them. You can normally see which online casino games they have available to play the minute you arrive there. You can view their games before downloading or becoming a member, as well as making sure your favorite game is included on their list also.

Although playing for fun gives you the opportunity to test out the games first, once you have downloaded and joined the casino, you’ll find the gameplay becomes much better. If an online casino uses, for instance, Real Time Gaming (RTG) software, then you will know that the games are of exceptional quality as RTG are one of the top leading providers in iGaming.


So, What Online Casinos Are The Best?

Once you have chosen your online casino, you will need to find out if it is user-friendly in your particular country, as there are many that only have a certain number of countries available to play from. Australia in particular have had some issues over concerns with gambling and more Aussies down under are now turning to online gaming. I do know that my favorite online casino, the one I mentioned earlier, is beginning to becoming very popular down in Oz.

This is of course Cherry Jackpot Casino and along with its sister site CasinoMax, they are both doing well in Australia and word of mouth is gaining them a good reputation fast. The good thing about having a sister site means you only need to do your research once as they are the same, but with different bonuses, promotions and appearances. So, when you have found the perfect match for you, decide whether it’s worth your time and money.

A big welcome bonus will be a huge advantage to you and give you lots of gameplay to begin with, whether it’s offered to you straight away or over the first deposits you make. These bonuses certainly give you more chances of winning and are definitely worth their weight in gold.

The Best Online Casinos For USA, Australia & Canada:

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