If you are a fan of history and you like to play some online games like slots, blackjack or roulette then Aztec Riches Casino may just be exactly what you are looking for.

Ok, maybe you won’t learn much about history, but Aztec Riches Casino still has a nice interface that is themed on – you guessed it – the Aztecs. However, they do have all of your gaming needs covered.

Aztec Riches Casino is an unusually themed online casino, but I like it. It is typical for slots games to have a quirky theme like Aztecs or Egyptians, but it isn’t all that common to find an entire online casino with a theme like that.

It is certainly something that adds a bit of entertainment value to Aztec Riches Casino.

Aztec Riches Casino Games:

The Aztec Riches casino itself is built using the Microgaming software and as a result the selection of games may be something you are familiar with. The casino is owned and managed by the prestigious Casino Rewards group. Aztec Riches offers a similarly massive range of games much like many of their competitors that are also running the Microgaming software. An impressive selection of slots games as well as blackjack and other classics are available as you may expect.
There is also a decent selection of progressive jackpot slots games available giving us all the chance at winning huge prizes for not much outlay at all! Setting up an account is simple and when you are set up and running you will want to deposit some money to play with. You can do this using a selection of different currencies and you can deposit using all major methods such as credit/debit cards and Neteller to name a few.

Casino Support:

One feature that really did catch my attention is the support on offer to the players. Aztec Riches casino seem to make an active effort to make contacting them easy and free. They can be contacted via email or on any one of a few toll free numbers. They also have a feature that allows you to tell support to telephone you, which is not something I have seen before. This cuts out any potential cost on your part and you will not have to be put on hold until someone is available. They call you!

The look and feel of the theme of the casino are top quality. All the graphics look nice and the interface is intuitive to use. The selection of games is good, the max betting limits are high and its easy to deposit. Despite the theme being a bit quirky I think Aztec Riches casino is a pretty solid choice of casino. Even better if you actively enjoy playing at a casino that doesn’t look like every other online casino on the market.

Aztec Riches Casino Bonus:

As many of you enjoy a good bonus or promotion I better mention those as well. Aztec Riches casino offers the typical first deposit bonus, but they then go on to also offer a bonus on your second and third deposits as well. The total amount that can be claimed using this bonus structure comes to a total of $850. Which is not too shabby really.