And The Best Online Casino Is…

People have asked me many times. Richard, why is it that you only display a few online casino sites on your site while there are literally thousands of  them available on the web?

the best casinoThe answer to this is simple. I have a big responsibility as host of a popular gambling portal. This mostly then leads to the question as to why that is. And, this question has to be answered with the fact that unfortunately among all those thousands of  sites, there are many so called rogue gambling sites out there.

They are preying on the money of the people who do not know. I therefor must make sure that we only present the best online casinos. And, so far I have personally ‘certified’ only a handful of them.

The internet is full of horrible stories. All coming from People who thought to be gambling in a decent, trusted online casinos and who came out badly, losing all of their money. Most of them practically lost all of their cash, even before they put in one bet. They simply did not stand a chance as they were dealing with online scams.

Do you know what to do if you become a victim of an online scam?

Most people don’t. Fact is, there is not much, if not next to nothing you can do. This is why we mention prevention to be better than curing on our home page.

What is a rogue casino?

The definition of “Rogue”: an unprincipled person, a scoundrel, a rascal, an undesirable deviation from a standard.

A rogue site is more than just not recommended. Some of them are known to cheat, some of them are plain criminal organizations. But, all of them are, for you as a player, a complete waste of time if not a complete danger.

This brings me to why we list only a handful online casinos. First of all, we decided to only list those sites that have truly earned their accolades in the online gambling industry.

But how do you do that? How do you know which is good, and which one is not? If I personally have a good experience in one, does that automatically mean that this is a good gambling site? In my opinion not necessarily.

What if we took the opinion of more than 120,000 online gamblers worldwide?

This is exactly what we have done. A little bit of spying around on the web on the high quality gambling portals tells us exactly which online casino is the best, and which of them is a scam. You just need to know where to look. I am a member of many of those gambling communities and obviously have my ears and eyes wide open. No need to reinvent the wheel, is there?

From all those gambling communities I note which of the sites are among the best, as are voted by the tens of thousands of members. It is in those particular sites that we start playing.

We annoy the customer service as much as we can, and test out all other important aspects of the site. Once we are satisfied, we contact the management to see if and how they are approachable.

After we have established a personal relationship of which we can guarantee our visitors to be able to benefit from, we list the casino on our site. This personal relationship I have with the online casinos listed is how we can offer you exclusive online bonuses. That’s just a nice side effect.

Are we adding more sites? Yes we are.

We are continuously on the lookout for new gambling sites which fit our standards. Right now we are testing several of them as we speak, on their fairness, customer service, gambling entertainment and many more important aspects. As with the other betting sites already listed, we only add new ones once they meet our standards and have undergone our testing sequences.

This way, we can fully guarantee you are playing in the most respectable and trusted online casinos. We would not want to have it any other way. Rather less betting sites listed but able to be sure that our visitors are looked after properly, than allowing more sites but creating the possible event of problems arising.

How to know which gambling site is the best to go to?

Simple. Choose only from the ones you will find on our site. Then, and only then we can personally guarantee you are playing in one of the best online casinos the internet has to offer you.