Sevens Wild video poker is an interesting game that will surely appeal to the video poker lovers. It is very similar to more popular video poker games like Jacks or better, but in this case the number 7 card is used as a wild card. This actually changes the game quite a bit, but it does bring a few other bonuses on its own, as long as you are willing to view them.

The pay table for this game is a little different to the other ones that you can see in similar games. This particular one makes the game a lot more demanding, and requires you to make some solid choices in order to make sure that your hands will actually be able to win some money.

They request a trade-off that may or may not be worth it, but it surely makes the Sevens Wild game a lot more different and unique when compared to all the other video poker games out there.

In my opinion, the best games are those that want to stand out of the crowd by showing something new and interesting that comes to the market. After all, what we need is innovation and Sevens Wild video poker is a game that brings quite a lot of that. And it’s also quite an addictive game as well, with interesting graphics and fun sounds, that resemble you of real casinos.

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More About Sevens Wild Video Poker:

Sevens Wild video poker is quite easy to play. You just have to start things off by selecting how much you are willing to bet and, after that is done, you can start playing. The Bet Max button will allow you to bet a large amount of money, which includes 5 credits. Betting the maximum all the time is quite risky, but it might as well bring you some rewards at the end of the line, so it might be worth it.

The only thing you have to do when you have the cards in your hand is to select the ones you hold and the ones that you pass. In order to keep a card you will just have to click on it, and it will be kept automatically. The pay table is displayed on top of the game at all times, so you can easily see the amount of money that you won, if you want.

You can also choose to double your stake at all times, if you want. While this is quite dangerous, it can provide you with the opportunity to gain insane amounts of money, something that is surely very interesting.

From what I played, I can surely say that Sevens Wild video poker is a unique and very fun game in its branch. The creators of this game made it quite unique, and I really feel that is very different when compared to similar games. And this is a good thing, as it can prove to be a refreshing, yet challenging game for all casino enthusiasts.

You can play Sevens Wild Video poker in most RTG online casinos.

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