Pharaoh’s Gold slot is a powerful looking and extremely exciting online casino slots game that is run on reliable RealTime Gaming software. It has 3 reels and 3 paylines, making it a classic styled slots game that a lot of players find to give them the simple, yet fun experience they are looking for.

While there are players who set out looking for slots games that are full of options, paylines, and other special features, there are many other players who want to know they can have a great time on a slots game that doesn’t confuse the issue and gives then a nice, clean layout.

Pharaoh’s Gold runs nicely and it is just the thing for anyone who appreciates that Pharaoh theme and a game that is powered by secure software with a great reputation. The first thing players want to know about this game is it will meet the budget of most casual players.

Pharaoh’s Gold slots game can be played for anywhere from .25 to $5 and this puts the players in the position of being able to afford it, while having the option to bet $5 at a time if they choose. Pharaoh’s Gold should not be thought of as just a classic slots game, but it should be thought of as a fantastic game with a great look that can provide players with endless hours of fun and opportunity.

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Pharaoh’s Gold Jackpot:

The max jackpot that can be won on Pharaoh’s Gold is worth 4000 coins which translate to a possible win worth up to $20,000. While this game is one with a classic style, it doesn’t have those traditional classic symbols on the reels which include 7’s, bars, and cherries.

Instead, players on this game will see such symbols as scarabs, snakes, pharaoh eyes, masks, and Egyptian crosses. Players like the fact that this classic slots game allows them to enjoy three paylines, something not all of the classic slots games have to offer players.

This game has a look to it which gives it a little bit of a mysterious feel, but it also has a touch of a cartoonish style. Something else that should be pointed out about Pharaoh’s Gold is it gives players the chance to enjoy a game that is a good classic slots that brings forth the personality which will remind them a bit of the video slots games.

A lot of players think they are going to be stuck to those bars when they head to the classic slots and this online slots game shows them that this is not true. Real Time Gaming has become a much respected name in the industry and is known for putting out some very entertaining games with great graphics and fun themes.

While many players may know the name mostly for their video slots, they should start to pay attention to the slots with the simpler designs. They can be just the thing for those times when the players want to play a game they don’t have to put a lot of thought into.

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