‘Multi-Player Roulette‘ – ‘Live Dealer Roulette’:

If you want to play casino games with your friends then the following top online casinos will now offer multi player Roulette: Club World, Aladdin’s Gold, Lucky Red, All Star Slots, Manhattan Slots, and High Noon.

Ever wanted to play roulette online with your friends? This is your chance. From now on you can play multi-Player roulette online. You can invite your friends, or join your friends and play. Whenever no friends are online but you would still like to play online roulette with other people then simply choose the multi-Player ‘open mode’ which will enable you to join others or have others join you in your own roulette table.

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Whether it is French Roulette or American, bets can be as low as $1 and, the online multi-Player roulette game also caters for the 4 figure high rollers if you are in that league. Are you and your friends high roller roulette players? Now you can play online together too. By means of the integrated chat function you will be able to communicate with all of your friends while playing online roulette.

Customize your roulette game:

What is also new is that you can customize the speed in which the roulette wheel will spin, so you can fine tune the way things go in order to ultimately relax and enjoy the roulette games.

In the multi-Player online game version you will find that there are 3 game modes you can choose from. These are open mode, reserved mode and / or private mode.

Open Mode:

In Open mode you can visit any table and play alongside players that you do not know, or you can just browse them just to see how other people are getting along.

Reserved Mode:

In reserved move you can control who plays at your own roulette table, the first person to be seated will have to accept or reject requests from other players to join that table. This way you can ensure that you are only playing with friends. In addition to controlling who you play with, this is the only mode where there is a live chat so you can speak to others.

Private Mode:

Everybody likes to be alone so now and then. If you are feeling like being alone yet still wanting to play online then you can change to a private room where no one will be able to join you.

Live Dealer Roulette:

Live dealer roulette is another way you can play roulette online nowadays. The advanced technology we enjoy has also reached the casino industry and some casinos are now able to offer live dealer casino games like bacarrat, craps and blackjack. One of these casinos is Cool Cat Casino casino.

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About the game Roulette:

Roulette. Whether it is American roulette or European roulette: This table game is one of the more popular casino games available, as well as being one of the easiest games to play and understand in a casino. Alike all other ‘easy to play’ games in a casino, the house edge is greater than on the games that are more difficult to play.

For who is roulette?

If you are wanting to play an easy to understand game which is at the same time slow paced then roulette is your game of choice. That is if you are willing to play with the house edge, which is, as mentioned above, a little higher.

However, if you are new to online casino gambling but you are on the lookout for more exciting or stimulating games with a decent / better return then it would be better for you to try some of the other games. If you are interested in what games have better odds then we recommend our list of the best bets to place in a casino in which we describe what games have the best odds, and what bets you should place in these games.