The Biggest Online Casino Bonus On The Planet!

bonusA bonus is something very generous. It’s a sum of money given to you for free. How many times did you have that happening to you in the past? You know, someone walking up to you offering you free money? Not so often? We thought so… With this crazy internet thing you better get used to it as being normal. Because it is the reality on the web. The bonus is as good as it gets. The best thing since sliced bread. Literally a bag of money. For free. But why? That is simple to answer.

Online Casinos want you as their player.

And, frankly they are willing to go far in order to make sure you sign up with them and not somewhere else. This is where the bonus jumps in. Their philosophy is: Everybody likes free money. They all come up with their own unique bonus structures to entice people to sign up with their site instead of elsewhere.

It’s not such a crazy thing if you look at it. It is happening in Vegas too! You can compare these type of bonus offerings to getting a complimentary room, and upgrade or free dinner in Las Vegas. They do this all the time.

What kind of bonuses are available?

Depending on the site you choose, the bonus can vary. Then there are the many other bonus offers that are in between those two. Bonus offers come in all sorts and sizes. Simply said: a good gambling site bonus allows you to bet more and therefor possibly win more too.

Exclusive Bonus Offers

As a result of our relationship with the casinos we managed to get some very special bonus deals. These are bonuses you will not find anywhere else on the internet. They are only available to visitors coming from our site. If you are looking for a good bonus, you will see that the ones we have are among the highest, if not the highest you will be able to get.

Safe and secure online casinos only!

Before we talk a little bit about the bonus offers that are available to you, we would like to state that we guarantee every online casino you will find here to be 100% safe, secure and trusted. All of the casinos have a very high reputation and are legally licensed and registered. Their games are tested and monitored to be fair, the customer support teams are great. We list accredited and highly recommended sites only.

Choose your bonus:

Since we stated above that you can choose in between a $60 no deposit required bonus to anything up to $12,000 we thought it to be a good idea to begin with the no deposit required bonus.

High Noon – $60 No deposit required bonus

The no deposit bonus from High Noon. This is one of the best no deposit bonus codes you will find. With the High noon no deposit bonus you can get $60 real money in to your account to play with. And, there is as the name implies: No deposit required. Simply visit the High noon and use no deposit bonus code “Sixshooter”. This no deposit bonus has bonus requirements in place. Make sure you read them before you start playing. Visit High Noon to claim your no deposit required bonus.

What about our other exclusive Bonus offers we arranged for you? Let’s begin with the biggest one:

Lucky Red – $4,000 Welcome bonus

Lucky Red offers 410%, up to $4,000 as a welcome gift if you decide to become a player there. The lucky red bonus is noteworthy and more than worth your time and money.  Lucky red has more than 120 of the best games waiting for you. At Lucky Red you need never play without a bonus! Lucky Red has great coupons available every day for every game!  Slots, Keno, Blackjack, Video Poker and more! Just log into your account and press the promotions button for your coupon codes!

High Noon – $2,500 Welcome bonus

The wild west themed High noon welcomes players coming from our site with a bonus of up to $2,500. Compare that to the regular bonus they offer and you quickly see that you can get an extra $500 in cash to play games with, simply for being our guest. Remember: High noon has the no deposit bonus too. Visit High Noon!

Club World /USA – $1,000 Welcome bonus  

The regular bonus Club World offers new players is up to $777. Using bonus code 24hroc and visiting them through our site allows you to cash in an additional $233 on top of the already generous bonus.

Aladdin’s Gold 220% FREE On every deposit For 7 Days

Regular players visiting Aladdin’s Gold can claim 200% free on top of every deposit they make. You on the other hand can, if you visit Aladdin’s through us, using bonus code 24hroc, get 220% over the next coming seven days on all your deposits.

A Word of advise: Don’t Trip over the bonus requirements.

The what you may ask? The bonus requirements. To avoid abuse they have put certain restrictions on the bonus offers. These specific restrictions are called ‘play through’ or wagering requirements. You can find them on the site which you found the bonus on. Our advise is to ALWAYS read and understand those bonus requirements before you decide to deposit money, making use of a bonus. For example, if a bonus of $300 has a 20x wagering requirement or, playthrough requirement, you must place a total of $6000 worth of bets (20 x 300) before you can withdraw winnings.

This is why you need to be aware of what requirements you must make before you deposit.