Blackjack can be fun, but sometimes you want to play a table game which is more interesting and, dare I say, something more challenging. Blackjack Match Play 21 is surely a great type of game in this regard, as it features the original rules of the Blackjack game, but, instead, it brings a new twist to the game-play experience simply by removing the 10s from the game. The same rules of hitting, splitting, surrendering and doubling down still apply in the case of this game, but a special set of rules also comes into play. First of all, the dealer needs to stand on a hard seventeen, something that entitles you to hit and probably win a lot easier. Also, the dealer needs to stand on a soft eighteen.  Another interesting thing is that you can easily surrender at any time during the game, something that is really unusual for casino games, since the surrender function is widely restricted due to the numerous game dropouts it can cause.

On the other hand though, splitting is only allowed on three hands, and no rewards are won from a splitting hand, a function that makes the whole process a lot different. Not to mention that the double down function is available only once per hand in Blackjack Match Play 21.

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Players can choose to hit after they have a split, and even the action of splitting Aces is permitted. The payouts for the game can be quite substantial, such as 40 to 1, but the odds of actually getting such a payout can be rather low. Not only you need to have a triple seven hand, but the dealer also needs to have a seven in his hand as well.

The smaller payouts, on the other hand, can be quite accessible, and they are the ones you should look out for, at least when you begin to play the game. Unlike other table games, Match Play 21 requires you to bring a lot of commitment to the table, but on the other hand, once you do come up with a good strategy and attention to details, the time you lost learning the ins and outs of this casino game can really pay off.

You can play Blackjack Match Play 21 in both online and real life casinos, and the game will always be played only with you and the dealer. This is not a group game, so your best chance is to defeat the dealer and go home with the jackpot.

In conclusion, Match Play 21 is a great Blackjack game.

Not only it removes the 10s from the game, but it brings numerous large payouts and other smaller changes in the game just to keep the whole experience interesting and unique. It’s definitely worth playing it for a long time, because of the payouts and the catching game experience.

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