Why Should You Play a table game like Baccarat in Online Casinos? Everything about Baccarat you need to know: I remember the first time I ever played Baccarat online. I felt a little intimidated prior to playing this game, since I had heard so much about it. I always thought Baccarat was way too hard to play, and therefor not interesting for me to even have a look at. ‘A game for the rich and wealthy’ is what this game is known for. But, recently I did have a look and played Baccarat online for the first time. Was it hard? Boy, was I wrong. Baccarat is easy! For some it might be too easy. Because there is not much you can do other than 3 things. Whether or not that makes the game online more attractive as compared to its offline comparative I don’t know, but I do know that the bets in Baccarat are among the ten best bets with highest winning odds you could place in any gambling site.

Two out of three bets in Baccarat are in the top ten best bets to place in casinos! Baccarat Bets Have High Odds To Win! And, that makes Baccarat instantly very interesting. It is easy, and the odds seriously favor you as a player. As with everything, knowledge is power. Now that we know this, let’s have a closer look at the game of Baccarat.

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More About Baccarat:

First, let’s have a little look at the history of Baccarat. The game of Baccarat is in reality a pretty old cards game which is played in the brick and mortar type of  casinos on land as well as the gambling sites on the internet. Before the internet, the game is known to have been played by the Italians first, and has grown world famous over the years.

And, since the coming of the internet, Baccarat has climbed the ranks on most popular online casino games ever since. Baccarat is played with a lot of interest by people from all over the globe. More than likely due to its simplicity and relatively high winning odds. Other than this, a very famous person played Baccarat in several of his films. This famous person of course being James ‘007’ Bond.

How is Baccarat played?

There really are just two main bets you can place. These bets in Baccarat are called the banker bet, otherwise known as ‘Banco’ and you can opt for the player bet, or as they call it Punto. The whole aim of Baccarat is to hold a hand of cards that amounts to 9 points, or is closest to 9 points. If that is you, you win.

If that is the dealer, he wins and you pay. The way the cards have points assigned to them in Baccarat is as follows: The playing cards from 2 to 9 are counted on their face value, the 10 however and the Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points each. And last but not least: the Ace is valued at 1 point. The interesting part in Baccarat (in my opinion) is when the cards are counted.

The ten digit is taken out from the total amount of points.. For example, if the total amount of Baccarat points you have ends up being 10, then the count is actually 1. When the game starts each of the Baccarat players is handed two playing cards, with the possibility of getting a third card. Once dealing is done there are three outcomes of Baccarat: Player win, Banker win, or Tie. Who ever is closest to 9 wins.

Baccarat online: Anyone can now play Baccarat online!

The rules have many exceptions the way Baccarat is played online but, in general the basics of the game do not change. Basically you’ll see that there are two variations of the game.

These two variations are: Baccarat and ‘mini Baccarat’. There is really only one difference in between the two variations and that is that the ‘mini Baccarat’ is played faster. The playing cards are turned by the dealer and therefor finishes the game faster. On top of that, in the mini variation the stakes are lesser as well.

If you would like to play Baccarat online, then it is nice to know that it has become very simple to do so. Baccarat online is really an easy game! Let me tell you how it’s played: You basically have three choices (or bets) in online Baccarat. These are ‘Tie bet’, ‘Banker bet’ and ‘Player bet’.

Lets begin with the worst one: The ‘Tie bet’.

One of those choices you have is the ‘Tie bet’. It is a ‘no no no’ bet. Don’t touch it. Leave it be. Don’t even look at it as it is in fact one of the if not the worst bet you can place in a casino. If you have to stick a ‘post it’ sticker over it. It does not deserve your attention whatsoever.

This leaves us with the other two (much better) options in Baccarat online:

The banker bet and the player bet.

What’s the difference? Well, the house edge is 1.06% on the banker bet, 1.24% on the player bet, and 14.36% on the tie bet. ‘nuf said. Take note that in most if not all online casinos On the banker bet you’ll pay a small commission to the casino. I suggest you open up a player account on any of the betting sites you find here and start by playing Baccarat for free. There is no need to deposit money to practice Baccarat.

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