Hundreds of high-class online games are going to send you reeling if you go ahead and take up Blackjack Ballroom Casino‘s super free bonus opportunity.

Not only are they offering you a free $500 credit bonus to play with right away, but you’ll also get more chances to increase your free bonus right up to $10,000 during your first year.

If that’s not enough then Blackjack Ballroom Casino also gives you a full hour of free play so try to make as much as you can during the 60 free minutes. As well as blackjack, you can take your free bonus to the slot machines, or why not try your luck at poker or roulette? This nice bonus cannot be knocked because $500 gives you a lot of play, especially on blackjack.

Other online casinos may not give you a welcome bonus at once, but at Blackjack Ballroom casino you will receive a full $500. This lovely warm welcome is all yours when you enter this amazing casino wonderland. Simply enjoy and have fun!

How to go about claiming your free $500 bonus:

In just 3 quick and easy steps you’ll have your free bonus and you can start playing with it straight away. All you have to do is visit Blackjack Ballroom Casino and click on the ”Play Now” tab that you’ll see on the page. This should set off downloading process of the software needed. The link ‘bjballroom.exe’ will come into view at one side of your screen so you can double-click on it. If for some reason it hasn’t appeared then look in your pc downloads folder. Provide your details by filling in the form and away you go. Now the last and final step is to sit back, relax and have the time of your life using your big free bonus!

The email address you give when registering should always be the same, saving any confusion when paying out your winnings. Once that’s done simply click the button that says ”Start Free Play” and away you go. Use your $500 bonus to try to gather up as many dollars as you can. Anything you win will go into your real account. Some games have been especially chosen for you and you can take your pick from slots, poker or table games. These are out of a long list of 510 super online casino games just waiting for you to play and just to let you know, the graphics and sound effects are amazingly good. At Blackjack Ballroom Casino and you will have no trouble finding your way around and claiming your free bonus.

Once you’ve claimed your $500 and started playing, you can stop when ever you like during your free hour, if having made 20 or so bets. You may find yourself on a winning streak and would like to stop play while you’re ahead. To stop play before the hour’s up, it’s easy. There is a red tab on the screen that says ”Winning? Quit Early”, simply click on this button and your free play will stop. But, what if on the other hand you’re losing? Well don’t worry about this either because Blackjack Ballroom Casino has this covered too. Click on the purple tab which says ”Losing? Try Again”. Remember that any winnings you’ve made from that game you won’t be able to claim as the clock will be reset back to the start. The good thing is so will your balance! and you’ll be in with another chance to start afresh with your Blackjack Ballroom Casino €500 free bonus!

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