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100% Australia Friendly Online Casino: CasinoMax

casinomax slots bonusImportant update for Australians: CasinoMax no longer accepts new players from Australia. The Australian Government requested so. Existing players can keep playing until further notice. Please read this important message.

For all you slot fans out there, read this! Anyone heard of CasinoMax? My husband and I joined this casino a few weeks ago and will definitely stay put. Both my husband and I are British born, we emigrated to Perth two years ago. My husband works as a chef and I am a nurse. Our two kids are more or less grown up now. Life is great here in Perth and we have lots of friends who we met during the time we have lived here.

Our jobs are quite stressful at times so we do need to unwind once our shifts are over. Since we are both passionate for online casinos, we find it helps us to relax and get away from our usual routines. The graphics blew us away and the sounds that came from them just sounded the same as if you were inside a casino in the high street. We ended up forgetting where we were at one stage!

Anyway, while looking for a good trusting online casino, we happened to stumble across CasinoMax. The bonus sort of jumped out at us, they were offering $9,000 in free bets! It’s hard to turn away from an offer like that but we wanted to check it out first. Compared to others we looked at, CasinoMax had more to offer us. We didn’t find any other online casino that could top this free bonus.

But there’s a lot of money at stake if you win so we wanted to first make sure it was honest, genuine and safe. Finding that CasinoMax is licensed by the Government of Curacao and seeing as this casino had such a good bonus to give away, we knew we couldn’t pass up on it. So after diving in, we downloaded the casino, which, I have to add was quick and effortless. We registered under my husband’s name and we were able to start playing immediately, which was great!

The whole look of CasinoMax is easy on the eye. It has a great look to it and everything is set out well on the site, so there’s no head scratching. Checking out the site from one page to the other was simple and no pesky ads to annoy you either. At one point we did have to call the 24 hour online help team about the payment methods.

I think we only waited several seconds at the most before our call was answered. The girl, on the other side of the phone line who called herself Laura, was very nice, she was friendly and down to earth. Laura gave the answer right away and then asked us if there was any other questions or help we needed. So a big thumbs up for support!

We feel welcome and very much at home at CasinoMax.




When we visited the cashier section page to make our first deposit, it was fast and the money showed up in our account at once. Not only did we get $3,000 to play with but we got to claim 20 free spins too, which we used over a ten-day period. It was amazing! We won a few times during our first deposit and on our second we decided again to go for the 300% up to $3,000 to play with.

We get a good feeling playing at CasinoMax and we are finding they are everything they say they are. It’s also a lot better when you are playing for real! Our Italian neighbours over the fence have also registered with CasinoMax and can’t thank us enough for telling them about it.

Our Aussie neighbour on the other side of the road has also decided to give CasinoMax a go too. Although his wife isn’t so keen on casinos, I know he has played locally many times before.

If you ask us what our favourite casino game is we would definitely say slots. Mine being Gemtopia, which has me mesmerized every time. It has a great look to it and the graphics are truly dazzling. Aztec’s Millions is a fantastic progressive game too. My husband prefers the slot machine games and seems drawn in by Caesar’s Empire and Crazy Vegas, but he’s keen on American roulette just as much.

Right now, at this moment, after a spell of playing and winning in craps we are dabbling in bonus poker, all just as captivating. There are more than 150 games to go through so we haven’t fully discovered them all yet, but we will do as we’re here to stay.

So thank you CasinoMax for giving us a pastime we absolutely enjoy to the full, right here in Australia. CasinoMax has to be the best online casino ever and we really mean that!!

Editors note: This lovely article was sent to us by Jill Saunders. Thank you Jill, and we’re glad you can still enjoy online casino gambling games thanks to CasinoMax! Want to have some fun too? Start playing in CasinoMax!