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The History Of Casinos From Cavemen To Online Gambling:

casino chipWhy are online casinos becoming more and more popular these days and what makes people love them so much? There are many who would like to know more about where this wonderful pastime came from, so we decided to do some digging to find out more about the wonderful history of casinos. Gambling has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, actually going back as long as the cavemen days. Ancient China is known to have the earliest findings of slates and these were used for gaming as far back as 2500bc. It’s easy to imagine they would have played Mahjong with the symbols scratched into the tiles, but actually China’s Mahjong wasn’t invented until the 1800’s.

The ancient Roman empire is famous for its gambling and it was the Romans who actually invented the word casino. They would gather round to play cards in a ‘casa’, which is, as we know, the Latin word for ‘house’. The Romans enjoyed playing these games in their homes back then, but not quite the same as we do in our own homes of today. Eventually in time these ‘casas’ became known as gaming houses and the word casa became extended to casino. They used to play a card game known as cas-si-no, involving two or more players matching the cards on the table to those in the hand. As well as the Italians, gambling was also loved by the Greeks, who would love to throw the dice, although their first land-based casino didn’t arrive until the mid 1900’s.

Las Vegas in 1930:

las vegas in 1930

Land-based casinos in Las Vegas had already started to expand and towards the late 1930’s they were steadily being introduced, making it the world’s casino capital it is today. One of the most famed Greek gamblers of all times is Archie Karas who left his home land to finally settle in Los Angeles. He became a skilled poker player and is known as one of the biggest high rollers ever, starting out with nothing and going on to win many millions. It’s said that he lost a lot of money, despite several big winnings and ended up being banned in many Las Vegas casinos.

Although another notorious Greek player was Nick Dandolos, who wasn’t short of money in the beginning as he was able to use funds from his parents. He moved from Greece to settle down in the US, but soon lost his money playing card games. However, as his gambling skills began to increase, so did his winnings.

Live Casino DealersLas Vegas certainly has some rivals and one of the biggest casinos in the world belongs to Macau, in the south part of China. This is Asia’s gambling capital and there is even rumor it has now ranked even higher than Las Vegas. With such a huge amount of casino players in China, Macau is the only place where gambling is legal.

There are other top gambling establishments in London, Paris, Singapore and Costa Rica, as well as one or two cities around the USA. But unless you are willing to travel far, online casinos are the way forward. Especially for USA casino players and Australian online casino players.

So, we’ve definitely come a long way since the cavemen gambling days and all this could have long been forgotten, but it is our love of gambling that keeps this form of entertainment as strong as ever. The results are that casinos have become more popular today, with the online casino world continually growing at a very fast rate.

The gaming industry already includes millions of people who love to play casino games regularly and now that we have the privilege to gamble in our own homes, playing games online gets more attractive by the second. All types of players, from novices to high rollers are now using the internet to play for thousands of real cash.

Whether it’s blackjack or poker, to roulette, craps or slot games, the online casino world has it all. The very first online casinos came about in the late 1990’s and nowadays the online gambling industry boasts over two thousand online casinos and millions of players worldwide. One of the very first online casinos was, online since end 1996.

InterCasino As Seen In The Year 1996:

You Know What? InterCasino Is Still Open Today! :

And, that means one thing! They are really worth your time and attention. When you sign up and play for a while, you’ll quickly experience that it is all about you as player inside of the modern day InterCasino. Not for no reason is this casino around since 1996. Their website, generous offers and casino games are designed by InterCasino with you on the top of the list in their minds.

If you’re new to online casino gaming then they’ll have you up and running in no time. Plus, InterCasino is available to you every day of the week. You can play all the Intercasino games 24/7 365-days-a-year on both your desktop computer as well as on your mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android. So, wherever you may be, or whatever time it is where you are, you can be sure to enjoy an unforgettable online casino experience in InterCasino.

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More Female Casino Players Than Ever Before:

A long way has come since the times when men were the only ones allowed to gamble, but now thanks to online gaming, female players are steadily making up for half the online gambling population. Maybe it’s because women find online casinos more convenient, but whatever the reason it simply goes to show gambling today is thoroughly enjoyed by both sexes.

It is expected that these figures are set to increase in the near future and soon everyone in the world could be participating in this favored pastime at some point or another.

In 2018 You Play Casino Games On Your Phone! Mobile Casinos:

mobile casinosBringing it from all the way back in the time when men played in caves to today, in 2018. We now have mobile casinos. Mobile is another form of gambling enjoyment and is also on the rise, already being experienced globally, experts are confident this will be the thing of the future, becoming just as popular (if not more popular) as that land-based casinos are.

The word land-based by the way, only became used when online casinos began making their debut. The word is now used to differentiate between the two, online or physical brick and mortar casinos. Most players are favoring mobile because it’s a more convenient way for having their online casinos with them at all times wherever they are. They open their phone, select the casino app and start playing.

When in the USA, choosing either Cherry Jackpot Casino, or CasinoMax would be your best choice to play your favorite casino games on your mobile with.

Australia online casino players can choose from SlotsPlus Casino, Sun Palace Casino, Las Vegas USA Casino. These online casinos also feature live dealer casino games like live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette and live dealer baccarat. If the live casino games feature is not so much your thing, you can also visit Vegas Casino Online.

Are you in the UK? We highly recommend you play in Dr Vegas Casino. the UK’s #1 online casino with exclusive slot machine games, many other games as well as live dealer games. Casinos on our mobile devices are no different to online casinos on your home computer and works the same on any hand-held device, such as on your phone or tablet.

These days the security is on a very high level and it is mandatory that all online games are regularly audited by an independent auditor, such as eCogra. There is so much high technology going around today that dealing with money online these days is as safe as houses, or should I say casas!

From the gambling caves to the betting houses, then from the casino clubs to online gambling and mobile casinos, it can’t get any better than this! Nowadays we can play wherever we like, so instead of going to a club we can get our own clubs out and give this online casino world a bash ourselves, when ever we feel like it! Welcome to today. Pick a casino & start playing today. Enjoy!