What is responsible gambling? Even online casinos stress responsible gambling so much. They naturally want exciting playing experiences for their players, not grim ones, so they advise their players to gamble responsibly.

However, there is so little that online gambling websites can do. Sure, they can advise you to play in moderation, but it is entirely up to you to play in moderation or not. So here are some tips that can help you keep your gambling in moderation:

five gambling tips for online casino players 1Play only with cash that you normally use for leisure. Gambling online should not be viewed as a way to earn money, because most of the games that you will play will be absolute games of luck. So play only with recreation money, and play only for recreational purposes. When you play, always say to yourself, “I may lose when I do this, but at least I had lots of fun.” If you happen to win money, then fine, but you should always remind yourself that fun is the reason that you play on online gambling websites.

five gambling tips for online casino players 2Set deposit limits. Some online casinos allow you to set deposit limits. These deposit limits restrict the amount of money that you can deposit every month. For example, if you have $10 as your deposit limit, you will be barred from depositing more than $10 per month. However, you have to set the deposit limits yourself; the online gambling site can’t do that for you. So know your own limitations.

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five gambling tips for online casino players 3Don’t try to recover losses. The problem with recovering losses is that you’ll find yourself investing larger and larger amounts of money in a tense state. It’s very likely that you’ll lose money again, and then you’ll wager more and more money. Before you know it, you may have consumed most of the money in your online gambling account. So if you begin losing in online casino games, you can still play, but only for fun. If you feel that you’re tempted to recover your losses, leave immediately and cool off.

five gambling tips for online casino players 4Use only your own money for online gambling. Never use the family money or the money of other people when gambling in the Internet. When you begin losing, you may ask and ask money from others, and sooner you’ll be in debt. When only your money is involved, at least you’ll preclude the possibility of getting other people involved in your online gambling ventures. When you lose, the loss is yours and yours alone. (We emphasize losing because losing is usually the trigger that turns casual gamblers into irresponsible gamblers.)

five gambling tips for online casino players 5Play only for a specified amount of time each day. Online casinos provide lots of fun, but there are things that you have to pay more attention to than online gambling. Think about your job, family, home, and community. Online gambling should take only a minuscule fraction of your waking hours. If you feel that you are thinking about gambling obsessively (such as recent losses), then perhaps you have to stop playing for a while and think about your other priorities.